CAREERfusion is group of thought-leaders, coaches and healthcare professionals focused on helping you move toward new career opportunities. Membership is annual and includes a yearly meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida. The January event is called the Careerfusion Discovery Event. Click here to learn more. 

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Registration Information June 1 - 3, 2018

We're glad you're considering June's event. Registration requires submission of the 2018 registration form. 

There are 3-ways to sign-up: 1) faxing, 2) scanning and then sending an email or 3) placing a call to Beth Thompson at (386) 846-8956. The cost for June's event is $1,000 and details about it are close at hand. Click the Sign-up Now button to start the fast & simple enrollment process.  


As easy as 1-2-3

1. Click the Sign-up Now button and then print out the registration form.
2. Completely fill-out the registration form.

3. Decide how to pay: fax registration & payment to Beth Thompson at (603) 687-4663 OR email a scanned form to OR call your payment in by dialing Beth at (386) 846-8956.

2018 CAREERfusion Enrollment 

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Sign up before March 31, 2018 to take advantage of early enrollment savings. Registration cut-off for the 2018 CAREERfusion is May 15, 2018. Ensure you register to be included in the CAREER​fusion Directory.  There are 3-ways to register for June's event: fax, email or phone-in the registration form. Access the registration form by clicking the Sign-up Now button listed below.  Questions should be directed to Beth Thompson at or to Beth's mobile phone at (386) 846-8956.

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