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Photos from January 2015

January 2015 CAREERfusion Discover YOU event 

Medical and dental professionals attend the yearly CAREERfusion Discover YOU event each year for different reasons, however the results are the same:

Growth | Networking | Rejuvenation

2018 CAREERfusion

Discover YOU Event

The Shores Resort & Spa

June 1 - 3, 2018

Daytona Beach, Florida

Call Beth at CAREERfusion for Reservations at (386) 846-8956.

What is the CAREERfusion Discover YOU Event? Beth Thompson and the CAREERfusion team have developed a curriculum specifically to assist you change direction or adjust your mindset. The CAREERfusion Discover YOU is designed to help you uncover hidden talents and to explore new career opportunities. The discovery process helps you fuse your passion with your career. 

​Every January in Daytona Beach, Florida, the CAREERfusion Discovery YOU takes place. The event is conducted over 4.5-days and is designed to refine and add skills to enhance your present situation while experiencing networking in a unique and supportive atmosphere. Membership extends out for the remainder of the year.​

Participants at the January 2015 CAREERfusion Discover YOU Event

Beth Thompson, Director CAREERfusion

CAREERfusion is group of thought-leaders, coaches and healthcare professionals focused on helping you move toward new career opportunities. Membership is annual and includes a yearly meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida. The January event is called the Careerfusion Discover YOU Event.

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Welcome to the CAREERfusion Discover YOU Event

Manufacturers and Partners

 - Assess your new ideas

 - Better understand your target market 

 - Develop a team of product advocates

 - Evaluate new product launch plans

What to Expect?

The yearly CAREERfusion Discover YOU Event is a launching pad for many things.  If your company is looking for a speaker or writer, CAREERfusion members have filled hundreds of pages in industry publications. Our speakers and writers conduct a wide variety of programs including webinars, podcasts and live CE events.  Your membership gives you access to years of content. Once you're a member, log-in and get ready to learn!

Dental & Medical Professionals

 - Explore new career options

 - Add new skills

 - Recharge in a supportive environment

 - Start the new year right

The CAREERfusion Discovery...Past Events