"No one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." 

                   - Carl Bard

"You can achieve and we are here to help you."

        - Beth Thompson 2016

CAREERfusion is group of thought-leaders, coaches and dental professionals focused on helping you move toward new career opportunities. Membership is annual and includes a yearly meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida. The January event is called the Careerfusion Discover YOU Event.

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Original. Unique. Dedicated.

CAREERfusion prides itself on being original. Born from creative thought, we enable better patient care though education and training.  

What are we all about?
- Furthering your career
- Developing your verbal and visual skills
- Providing a positive environment
- Helping you change your daily routine for the better
- Friendship and bonds

​Join CAREERfusion!
Be part of the team and take yourself and your career to the next level.

Attending CAREERfusion improves the following:

 - Leadership

 - Marketing

 - Writing & Verbal Communication

 - Consulting

 - Career Development

 - Publishing

 - Visual Display and Presentation

Our Principles

About Us

CAREERfusion is a networking group of dedicated and highly competent dental & medical professionals looking to expand responsibilities and improve employment opportunities. 

Every January, membership kicks off with a 4.5 day retreat focused on how to develop presentations, how to write clinically focused articles and how to improve networking skills. For those actively seeking work or for those that seek new opportunities, CAREERfusion gets you headed in the right direction. The teaching format is relaxed and consists of networking breakfasts and lunches, receptions and evening activities. The relaxed atmosphere keeps everyone engaged.

Active members of CAREERfusion are aided in getting newly created editorial content placed into magazines and industry publications. This yearly event is ideal for launching a new career as an industry thought-leader. Plus clinical attendees can earn up to 20-hours of continuing education credits.